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An experienced Elizabeth City DWI defense attorney, Keith Teague has been practicing in the North Carolina criminal courts since 1973. He guides his clients through matters in the First Judicial District using decades of knowledge of local procedure, judges, and North Carolina law. You may learn more here about attorney Keith Teague and his North Carolina criminal defense practice.

In North Carolina, suspected "drunk driving" or driving under the influence of drugs is generally charged as "driving while impaired" or "DWI." You might also hear the charges referred to as "driving under the influence" or "DUI." Although an initial DWI charge is typically a misdemeanor, a conviction can still carry prison time, large fines, and loss of the right to drive. It is important to note that additional DWI charges add up: second offense, third offense and subsequent offense charges carry increased punishment and can lead to felony convictions.

Because of the effects to your life and reputation of a DWI conviction, you should take even a first-offense charge very seriously. Your charges may be contested if your rights were violated during your arrest or traffic stop, if sobriety or blood alcohol level / breathalyzer tests were not correctly administered, and for other reasons. Your charge or sentence may also be reduced through negotiations with the prosecutor or arguments before the judge.

Important: The Prosecutor Cannot Advise You About Your Best Legal Options in a DWI Case

It is important to know that the prosecutor cannot — and should not — give you advice on how you should respond to DWI charges, whether a plea deal is in your best interests, or how a conviction will affect your license. The prosecutor's job is to represent the State of North Carolina, not you, and he or she should not be giving you any legal advice concerning your situation.

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