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North Carolina Traffic Ti…

Elizabeth City Traffic Citation Attorney Serving the Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina

Do you need an attorney for a North Carolina traffic or speeding ticket? Here are some things to consider:

  • Although traffic citations are handled in Administrative Traffic Court, rather than criminal court, the proceeding can have serious consequences and a lay person generally is not in a good position to evaluate whether his or her matter is handled fairly and correctly.
  • Consequences of North Carolina traffic citations are numerous, from fines to points on your driver's license (which can lead to license suspension) to auto insurance points that raise your insurance premiums.
  • For visitors to the Outer Banks, handling a traffic ticket yourself will require travel back to North Carolina; if you are represented by an attorney, you can generally allow him to appear for you in court instead of appearing to contest the ticket yourself.

Elizabeth City attorney Keith Teague has successfully handled North Carolina traffic tickets, DWI charges, and criminal charges for over 40 years. He knows the courts and procedures — and will aggressively pursue the best outcome for you, including having your ticket dismissed or your charges reduced.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Outer Banks Traffic Ticket Attorney

Contact Keith Teague to request a free consultation about your traffic citation and how he can be of service in your case. Based in Elizabeth City, he works with clients issued tickets and charged with driving-related offenses throughout the Outer Banks and northeastern North Carolina.